iDontix X-Floss Lite

IDontix X-Floss Lite


$14.50 (inc GST)


IDontix X-Floss Lite

The New Super Floss

X-Floss lite® is an excellent soft thinner floss for tighter spaces and 

excellent cleaning of implants, braces, retainer wires and bridges. It has 

a firm nylon threader which makes inserting the floss easy.


  • Firm threader is easy to use
  • Soft thinner floss for tighter spaces and excellent cleaning
  • Ideal for cleaning around implants, bridges, wide spaces and adult braces
  • 30 strands per pack


"X-Floss Lite is thinner than X-Floss and excellent for cleaning bridges and implants with tight access. It is easy to thread and use."

Dr Yvonne Vidovic - Specialist Prosthodontist