Gorilla Floss 30M

Gorilla Floss

Almost unbreakable on any type of contact point.

30metres of the most strongest floss you will ever encounter


$4.50 (inc GST)


  • Gorilla Floss almost unbreakable
  • Easier to insert with less force (and risk of tissue trauma) even on sharp or rough contacts!                                 
  • Made from super fine multi-filaments that produce a “scrubbing” action.                                                             
  • Superb strength and break resistance, even on corroded amalgam contacts or sharp edges!
  • Much stronger than Nylon.

NEW ADVANCED EXTRA STRONG FLOSS is made of the same polymer as some bullet proof jackets. Much stronger than Nylon. Gorilla Floss is made from super fine multi-filaments that produce a “scrubbing” action when used. Some people prefer this “scrubbing” action to PTFE. Lower coefficient of friction than Nylon, but not as low as PTFE. Easier to insert with less risk of tissue trauma and less risk of sudden breaking.