Gumchucks ORTHOgami Starter Kit

The new way to floss with braces. makes it simple and effective


$16.00 (inc GST)



The ORTHOgami Starter Kit for Braces includes everything you need to get started:


-1 set of Handles,

-10 disposable Ortho flossing tips

-convenient travel case.

The innovative tip design safely and easily slides under the arch wire, allowing the patient to quickly floss and entire set of brackets in record time! No more threading! The two handle system allows you to control floss tension and easily make the recommended “C” shape, wrapping the floss around the gum line.Handles mean you don’t have to wrap floss around finger tips, cutting off circulation. ORTHOgami is more hygiene


no need for your fingers to ever enter your mouth. Easy push buttons release flossing tips. ORTHOgami is Faster. Better. Easier. Flossing for Braces! Don't forget to order your refill flossing tips - the Starter Kit only comes with 10 flossing tips!