Gumchucks Kids Starter Pack

 Gumchucks Kids Starter Pack

The new fun and simple way to start children flossing. Very easy and makes flossing fun


$12.00 (inc GST)




The GumChucks Starter Pack includes everything you need to get started:

-1 set of GumChucks Handles

-12 disposable flossing tips

-GumChucks character Trading Card! Flossing


Children become Flossing Adults! GumChucks is the only flossing product in the world that can make the recommended "C" shape as well as keep constant tension on the floss and reach posterior teeth without putting hands in the mouth. The two handles make it easy for even the youngest child to floss correctly. If its not fast and easy, kids just won't floss. GumChucks are significantly easier and faster to use than other flossing products. This translates to more frequent use and more effective flossing resulting in improved oral health. GumChucks is Faster. Better. Easier. Flossing!


In this modern age of technology children are alway wanting to be on electronic devices and as parents we have to play a role in guiding and educating our children, One way this has been done is with the gumchucks app on tooth decay which will fit in with modern communication of good oral health and the technology challanges most parents face,


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