Ruscello Floss

Introducing GC Ruscello floss. The worlds first micro-fibre floss! It’ll brighten your day with its colours and freshness and look after your teeth with its wedge shaped fibre innovation.

Pick a color:

  • Green
  • Pink
  • Purple
  • White- Unwaxed
  • Yellow


$11.00 (inc GST)

GC Ruscello floss uses micro-fibre technology – each fibre is approximately 1/100th the thickness of human hair. Ruscello has 5 times as many fibers as existing floss, making it easy to reach every corner in the mouth. 

Ruscello fibres are wedge-shaped: plaque is easily taken up into its micro-porosities and wiped away.

Ruscello floss has exceptionally soft texture – it does not hurt even when attached to the gingiva. A waxed coating enables the floss to slide effortlessly between teeth.
GC Ruscello floss has a great mint flavour for a refreshing finish

  • Colour Green