Cervitec Liquid Mouthrinse 300mL

Cervitec Liquid Antibacterial Mouth Rinse 300mL

Cervitec Liquid is a ready-for-use, alcohol-free mouth rinse.  It contains 0.1% chlorhexidine, xylitol and essential oil.  The components inhibit the growth of the bacteria that cause infections of the mouth, periodontal disease, caries and halitosis.

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Antibacterial mouth rinse containing chlorhexidine and xylitol

Cervitec Liquid is a ready-for-use antimicrobial mouth rinse containing chlorhexidine plus xylitol plus essential oil. These components inhibit the growth of the bacteria that compromise oral health. Cervitec Liquid spreads these healing ingredients throughout the entire oral cavity.


  • As an intensive, temporary mouth rinse treatment
  • To maintain the healthy condition of oral mucous membrane and gums as well as the dental supporting tissue.
  • To prevent infections in the mouth and assist in their treatment
  • Before and after implantological and periodontal interventions and dental and orthodontic surgery
  • In the event of high caries risk
  • In the event of inadequate oral hygiene
  • To prevent halitosis
  • To reduce the aerosol risk in the dental office


  • 0.1% chlorhexidine plus xylitol plus essential oil
  • Alcohol-free, suitable for sensitive users
  • Pleasant taste