Dental Pro Interdental Brushes

Very popular interdental brush, easy to use and affordable

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  • Ideal for users who have difficulty flossing or have specific spaces between teeth where using a small brush for those spaces is appropriate
  • Handy pocket size and comes with one travel cap in each packet
  • 1 packet supplied comes with 10 brushes


DentalPro Interdental Brush 10 Pack

Size ・XX-S (0.7mm-) ・X-S (0.8mm-) ・S (1.0mm-)
・M (1.2mm-) ・L (1.5mm-)
Color ・XX-S: White / Light gray
・S: Carrot orange / Red
・L: Light green / Green

・X-S: Pearl yellow / Yellow
・M: Light blue / Blue