Colgate Neutrafluor 5000 Sensitive Toothpaste

Colgate Neutrafluor 5000 Sensitive is a high fluoride toothpaste for individuals with sensitive teeth and have a high risk of caries. Only to be used as prescribed by your dental health provider. Normal Retail $25.00

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$25.00 (inc GST)

  • Ideal therapy for individuals with dentine hypersensitivity and/or root exposure
  • Potassium Nitrate component penetrates tubules to sooth nerve endings
  • For daily use for moderate to high-risk caries patients
  • Strengthens teeth
  • Prevents early caries
  • Liquid gel formula enables faster fluoride dispersion than paste-form toothpaste
  • 115g bottle

Active Ingredients: Sodium Fluoride 1.1% w/w (5000ppm F), 5% Potassium Nitrate