Gumchucks Adult Profloss Starter Pack

Gumchucks Adult PRO FLOSS Starter Pack

The new way to floss so you get maximum efficiency and dont get frustrated with plaque buildup

Quick, easy, effective and fun


$12.00 (inc GST)




  • Includes 1 Set of Gumchucks Handles, and 12 disposable flossing tips.
  • The two handle system allows you to control floss tension and easily make the recommended “C” shape, wrapping the floss around the gum line.
  • Handles mean you don’t have to wrap floss around finger tips, cutting off circulation. GumChucks are hygienic – no need for your fingers to ever enter your mouth.
  • Easy push buttons release flossing tips.
  • Gumchucks as so easy and fast to use -  resulting in more frequent use and more effective flossing leading to improved oral health.
  • GumChucks is Faster. Better. Easier. Flossing!